Monday, February 10, 2014

Farewell 2013

So, it turns out blogging was not our strong point for 2013. It's now february 2014 and we're just now posting about our 3rd annual fundraiser from September 2013... um, oops. But better late than never right?

We just wanted to quickly say that it was our biggest success so far!  We raised well over $10,000 and couldn't have been happier.  We were overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of so many who made our event what it was. HUGE thank you, once again, to everyone who was involved.

We're excited for 2014. We can't wait for this year's event and everything else this year holds in store.

So much love,
The 4charity team

{for more pics from the event visit our Facebook page here and follow us on instagram @4charity for inspirational posts and updates}

Thursday, July 18, 2013

3rd Annual Garden Boutique Fundraiser

Mark your calendars: September 17th 5:00 - 8:00 pm
"A Night at the Carnival"

It's going to be a fun filled night for the whole family! Full of goodies, games, treats and lots of things to buy -guilt free- because all profits will be donated to a very worthwhile cause!

H is for Haiti

Come help us raise money to send Haitian orphans to school!

H is for Haiti’s mission is to foster positive change in Haiti by providing quality education for orphaned, abandoned and underprivileged children.

After traveling to Haiti on a service mission to aid in the construction of an orphanage, the founding members of H is for Haiti were struck by a devastating reality:  without access to education, the beautiful, vibrant, and curious children at the orphanage would stand little chance of thriving as adults in an already impoverished country.  

Basic primary and secondary school education is available only to those children whose families have the means to pay because there is virtually no public education system in Haiti.  In fact, approximately 50 percent of primary school aged children in Haiti are not enrolled in school.  Without private funding, abandoned and orphaned Haitian children have no chance of attending school.

H is for Haiti does not simply fund education; it is committed to ensuring that our children have access to quality education.  Less than 40% of schools in Haiti are accredited and only 15% of teachers at the primary level have even basic teacher qualifications.  H is for Haiti is committed to finding the best schools and providing individualized support to each child we fund.  Members of the board will track each student’s progress over time, meeting with teachers and principals biannually to assess students’ individual needs.  

H is for Haiti’s scope is currently relatively small: we fund education for approximately 60 children at a single orphanage ( But the need is great, and as resources grow, we hope to have a much broader impact in Haiti.

H is for Haiti is 501c3 nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


it's been such a great year! 
thanks to all these incredible women {and sometimes some of the husbands} 4 charity was able to accomplish it's 2012 goal of being involved with some kind of service each month. we were able to learn about many organizations that are doing amazing things for others, we were able to meet inspiring people who just want to do good in the world, and we were able to spend time together, getting warm fuzzies and feeling heartened about the goodness of humanity.

the last couple months have been quiet over here on the blog because our projects have been a bit more personal and it seemed appropriate to to be a little more discreet. in december some of us were able to go help at 'the candy cane corner store' which is run through 'the road home shelter'. it's a very cool little set-up, people donate brand new clothes, toys, and other useful things which are then sorted and organized in a space set-up like a store where those being assisted by 'the road home' are able to come and essentially christmas shop for their families. to see the generosity of those who donated and those who came to help was overwhelming. it was a perfect experience to finish off a beautiful year.

we're looking forward to 2013 and the opportunities we hope it brings. we've already started discussing ideas for this year's fundraiser and it's going to be a good one, so watch for more details and pencil it in to your summer plans! 

and until then, here's a little inspiration to kick off your new year:

"an essential part of a happy, healthy life is being of service to others"
-susan patton thoele

Monday, September 3, 2012

thank you.

well, we did it!
we hosted our 2nd annual garden fundraiser.
it was so much fun,
and such a success! 
and we have SO many people to thank for that!
so, first we're going to show you a whole bunch of pictures,
and then say a whole bunch of thank you's.

the cutest lend-some-aide stand girls around.
those sweet faces helped us make lots
of money for the kids!

the baked goods section. yum.
these ladies killed it!
HUGE thank you to all the talented lovelies {especially that master chef in the middle}
 who made delicious
treats to sell!

lizzie b {in the coral pants} and jen c {in the black skirt} were the absolute
rockstars of our event! 'h is for haiti' is their baby, lizzie and her husband james and
 jen's husband buzz {who built our beautiful 'lend-some-aide' stand} know
these kids personally from their trips to 'foyer de sion' and they worked their bums
off to make sure this boutique was a success!
HUGE thanks to them - it was!!

our sister charity and event sponsor, pearls with purpose.
they're doing amazing things to help change lives worldwide.

spotted this cutie sporting his 4charity shirt from
last year's boutique!

couldn't have run the whole silent auction section without these beauties
{i mean the two on the left, but the brother's a sweetie too!}

these ones checked everyone out with a smile and a thank you!
good job girls!

a couple of our lovely vendors selling some of the favorite items of the night
- we love you ladies!

that one on the right - our jenni! she can keep track of dollars and sell
things and make dollars for charity like nobody's business.
we'd be lost without her!

brookie wins biggest trooper of the event. super pregnant but didn't miss
a second of the night {or the setting up or the cleaning up!}
and now onto the rest of the thank you's!

thank you to:
kim huish (our biggest donor of the night!)
matt clark of crossfit
brittany of trinket jewelry
chris giles
ramsi knowlton stoker
dash studio
fitness on 7th
megan davis
dynamite lawn and pest control
cheryl inc.
the school of dance
tuck landscape
julia of junking for joy
growing up vintage
huish outdoors
hdg photography
tiffany hatch
natalie johnson
celeste johnson
leslie ostler
laura lindsay
shelly bourne
katie johnson
carlee richins
megan dorny
amber warner
all our 4charity girls
and everyone who came.

we can't thank all of you enough!
because of all of you sweethearts, we were able to raise over $8,000.00 for charity!!
those dollars will make a huge difference in helping ensure that the children of 'foyer de sion' are able to receive an education, giving them their best chance for a brighter future!

for more information on the 'foyer de sion' one-for-one program, please visit here.
through this program you have the opportunity to sponsor a child, and help make sure that child's basic needs are met for the year!
you receive a picture of that child, along with some information.
and because our lizzie b. knows all these children personally, i bet if you ask nicely she'd give you even more personal information about them! 

see you all next year,
it's going to be even bigger, better and more fun for the whole family.

see you then!

Friday, July 20, 2012

it's almost time.

we're very excited for our boutique this year!
we're going to have all kinds of good stuff!
lots and lots of perfect gifts for yourself and everyone you know.

take advantage of this opportunity to shop completely guilt free, 
knowing your purchases are helping to send precious little boys and girls in haiti to school.

for more information about the orphanage, foyer de sion, please click here.
our very own lizzie badger and her husband james have been to the orphanage several times to help re-build and improve it.
they started 'h is for haiti' after falling in love with the children and understanding their only hope for a better future is an education, an expense the orphanage itself can not afford. 

on august 9th we invite you to come help us, help them.

the boutique is being sponsored by Pearls With Purpose.