Monday, September 3, 2012

thank you.

well, we did it!
we hosted our 2nd annual garden fundraiser.
it was so much fun,
and such a success! 
and we have SO many people to thank for that!
so, first we're going to show you a whole bunch of pictures,
and then say a whole bunch of thank you's.

the cutest lend-some-aide stand girls around.
those sweet faces helped us make lots
of money for the kids!

the baked goods section. yum.
these ladies killed it!
HUGE thank you to all the talented lovelies {especially that master chef in the middle}
 who made delicious
treats to sell!

lizzie b {in the coral pants} and jen c {in the black skirt} were the absolute
rockstars of our event! 'h is for haiti' is their baby, lizzie and her husband james and
 jen's husband buzz {who built our beautiful 'lend-some-aide' stand} know
these kids personally from their trips to 'foyer de sion' and they worked their bums
off to make sure this boutique was a success!
HUGE thanks to them - it was!!

our sister charity and event sponsor, pearls with purpose.
they're doing amazing things to help change lives worldwide.

spotted this cutie sporting his 4charity shirt from
last year's boutique!

couldn't have run the whole silent auction section without these beauties
{i mean the two on the left, but the brother's a sweetie too!}

these ones checked everyone out with a smile and a thank you!
good job girls!

a couple of our lovely vendors selling some of the favorite items of the night
- we love you ladies!

that one on the right - our jenni! she can keep track of dollars and sell
things and make dollars for charity like nobody's business.
we'd be lost without her!

brookie wins biggest trooper of the event. super pregnant but didn't miss
a second of the night {or the setting up or the cleaning up!}
and now onto the rest of the thank you's!

thank you to:
kim huish (our biggest donor of the night!)
matt clark of crossfit
brittany of trinket jewelry
chris giles
ramsi knowlton stoker
dash studio
fitness on 7th
megan davis
dynamite lawn and pest control
cheryl inc.
the school of dance
tuck landscape
julia of junking for joy
growing up vintage
huish outdoors
hdg photography
tiffany hatch
natalie johnson
celeste johnson
leslie ostler
laura lindsay
shelly bourne
katie johnson
carlee richins
megan dorny
amber warner
all our 4charity girls
and everyone who came.

we can't thank all of you enough!
because of all of you sweethearts, we were able to raise over $8,000.00 for charity!!
those dollars will make a huge difference in helping ensure that the children of 'foyer de sion' are able to receive an education, giving them their best chance for a brighter future!

for more information on the 'foyer de sion' one-for-one program, please visit here.
through this program you have the opportunity to sponsor a child, and help make sure that child's basic needs are met for the year!
you receive a picture of that child, along with some information.
and because our lizzie b. knows all these children personally, i bet if you ask nicely she'd give you even more personal information about them! 

see you all next year,
it's going to be even bigger, better and more fun for the whole family.

see you then!

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